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ZELEZNY | kayak igo
Freestyle kayak – short, lightweight, fast both on the wave and in the hole.

This is one of the shortest and lightest freestyle boats in the world. It's easy to control, manoeuvrable and agile. It jumps loops with ease and has no problems to perform other freestyle tricks as well. Igo's prefered environment is the hole but lightweight paddlers can enjoy it also on the wave, the steeper the better.

Light weight and non-agressive shapes make Igo easy to control even for smaller paddlers. Larger paddlers, however, find it surprisingly comfortable. Fully adjustable outfitting system allows to fine-tune the boat exactly to your needs.

Igo is a great fun even in a swimming pool, real Park and Play!


Length:  178cm        Width:  65cm        Volume:  185l

Weight:  13kg      Cockpit:  86 x 46cm    Paddler's weight:  40–90kg


One of the shortest and therefore most manageable freestyle boats in the world.

Low weight enhances Igo's excellent characteristics even more. The ends and the bottom of the boat are reinforced thanks to our unique technology!

Low volume, sharp shapes, short length, lightweight. These characteristics make all frestyle moves easier both in the water and in the air.

Even when river-running Igo retains its paddler-friendly characteristics (for a freestyle kayak).

Kayak outfitting

kayak internal outfiting system

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Igo - C1 version

Igo fitted with C1 outfitting

All Zelezny kayaks can be provided with C1 outfitting. (to order)
Even used kayaks can be converted to C1 versions.

C1 outfitting

C1 internal outfitting system



Igo can be supplied with these accessories / spare parts:

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