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ZELEZNY | kayak mag
Fast and maneuverable. Ideal for light paddlers, suitable also for children. Great for rapids and/or easy touring. Simply - the universal playboat.

Slim, fast and easily maneuverable boat with wide range of use. Suitable particularly for small and midlle-sized paddlers. Its design and volume make it a favourite choice for children!

Small and middle-sized paddlers appreciate how easily Mag tilts when learning edging and how fast it is when punching the holes. Right choice for paddlers with active style of paddling. For experienced paddlers suitable even for serious whitewater. Rolling Mag is a piece of cake.

Mag features quality outfitting - anatomical closed-cell foam seat, comfortable back band with ratchet adjustment and pre-shaped hip pads.


Length:  236cm        Width:  64cm        Volume:  230l

Weight:  16kg        Cockpit size:  84 x 44cm        Suggested optimum weight range:  45–80kg


Long, narrow bottom makes Mag an exceptionally fast boat.

Thanks to its rounded edges, speed and non-agressive shapes, Mag is a responsive and paddler friendly kayak.

Mag is maneuverable almost like a slalom kayak. It tilts with minimal effort, stern-squirts easily and is remarkably fast.

With Mag you can enjoy whiterwater as well as playboating in smaller rapids.

Kayak outfitting

kayak internal outfiting system

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mag basic

ZELEZNY | kajak mag Playboat with basic outfitting for a very friendly price.

Slim, fast and easily maneuverable boat equiped with "Basic" outfitting. Ideal for lightweight paddlers. Mag with "Basic" outfitting is suitable for touring and easy whitewater. You can upgrade your Mag's outfitting yourself. All the spare parts and accessories are available for sale. The hull is made from the same high-quality polyethylene as all the other Zelezny boats.

Kayak outfitting Basic

kayak outfiting system Basic


Mag - C1 - version

Mag fitted with C1 outfitting

All Zelezny kayaks can be provided with C1 outfitting. (to order)
Even used kayaks can be converted to C1 versions.

C1 outfitting

C1 internal outfitting system



Mag can be supplied with these accessories / spare parts:

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