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Freestyle - playboat, fast, sharp, playful, loves surfing.

Longer playboat with a freestyle history. Fast - thanks to its length, stable and responsive - thanks to its flat bottom and clean edge. Wigo is a prefect surfer, great for play both on the wave and in the hole as well as for playboating while going down the river.

Its clean-cut edges help beginners when learning leaning and edging. Also a great tool for learning basic freestyle moves which it masters with ease even on flat water. Experience paddlers can take Wigo even on moderately challenging whitewater. For its speed and surfing potential, Wigo is the prefered choice for surfing as it enables to cache almost every wave and when on a wave carves nicely. Wigo was awarded the "Design o the year" award in 2002.

Wigo is fitted with standard Zelezny outfitting which is comfortable, adjustable and reliable. The weight of Wigo is significantly lower than of similar boats thanks to reinforcement of the bottom and the ends of the kayak.


Length:  225cm        width:  65cm        Volume:  195l

Weight:  14kg        Cockpit size:  86 x 46cm        Suggested optimum weight range:  50–90kg


Its sharp ends, evenly distributed volume and flat bottom make Wigo a very manoeuvrable and responsive kayak.

Long flat bottom gives Wigo its speed, the distinct edge makes it carve, bigger the wave the better.

Leaning and edging are easy thanks to Wigo's clear-cut edge. Flat ends cut easily through water and flat bottom makes the boat stable in the hole and when surfing.

Wide flat bottom guarantees great stability.

Kayak outfitting

kayak internal outfitting system

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Wigo C1 version

Wigo fitted with C1 outfitting

All Zelezny kayaks can be provided with C1 outfitting. (to order)
Even used kayaks can be converted to C1 versions.

C1 outfitting

C1 internal outfitting system



Wigo can be supplied with these accessories / spare parts:

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